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New Artist Fair – London

Posted in: Notes on September 11, 2017

I displayed my latest collection of illustrations at the new artists fair over the weekend, at the Truman Brewery off Bricklane, London.

It’s good to get my work out in front of people in the physical form, away from social media and the website. Thanks to everyone who came down to take a look and have a chat with me about the work, great hearing your views on it.

Special thanks to those who purchased an edition.

There are some of each left and they’re now up and available in my shop.


Not with haste

Posted in: Notes on August 1, 2017

Illustrated in preparation for my wall at Bristols, Upfest urban art festival.

I had a great weekend painting at the event, inbetween the downpours.

Thank you to the artists and visitors who introduced themselves and made it a good trip.Upset Wall Rain



Poplar Harca commission

Posted in: Notes on January 6, 2017

To finish out 2016 I was asked to create two murals and a collection of illustrated works for Poplar Harca, an award winning Housing and Regeneration Community Association in East London.

The collection had to be based around the heritage of the area and incorporate the bold Poplar Harca colours.

Please check out the ‘commissions‘ tab in my gallery to view all the pieces. Here’s one of my favourites, an illustrated portrait of Erno Goldfinger. The architect behind the Brutal Balfron Tower.



Posted in: Notes on November 29, 2016

My latest illustration titled, ‘Drift’.

Edition of 25, only a bunch left. I release each edition to my mailing list first, so to get a step ahead on future releases all you have to do is join up.


A state of indecision or inaction.

Driven off course.


Reebok Classic – Olive leaf

Posted in: Notes on November 22, 2016

HEKStyle edition, Olive Leaf.

This is my second piece of work using the Reebok Classic Leather. The first, Part of the Ghost Town pack I did some time ago were snapped up straight away so you’ll need to be on your toes if you fancy owning this pair.

If you’re new to my Editions, or custom footwear in general, these are a good place to start. Something tidy with just enough HEKStyle about them.

Available in a size UK8.

If you’d like something similar in a different size, reach out!




It’s all a Deep End…

Posted in: Notes on November 14, 2016

The first T-shirt drop since opening my new website. Grab one in the shop.

It’s all a Deep End.


‘Dead End’ pin badge

Posted in: Notes on June 28, 2016

The Dead End Studio logo as a die cut, antique silver pin badge.

Limited quantity, get one for yourself and rep as a Dead End Friend, while they’re about.


Welcome note.

Posted in: Notes on June 3, 2016

Welcome to the all new

After deciding to redesign my site in order to represent my new work in a way that suited, I got straight to it but didn’t anticipate that it would be offline for as long as it has. Normal life intervened and I struggled to find the time and the inspiration to really dig into it. That said, I plugged away in the background and am now hyped to welcome you to the new HEKStyle website.

Please take a minute to click through the pages where you’ll find a number of improvements from the previous website. A new cleaner look aims to showcase the work and information more clearly and coincides with the direction I am now going in with my work.

There’s a new shop and gallery layout making it easier and faster to navigate. Also, I’m pleased to have included the About and Notes pages which offer an insight into what my art is about and why I do it.

As well as all that, there is a bespoke mobile version of the site for browsing on the move. Designed to react and fit perfectly with the dimensions of smart phones and other devices. This will let you keep up to date with new works in the gallery… purchase a limited edition if you’re out when it drops so that you don’t miss it… or what ever you want. It makes for easier viewing which is what this re-up was all about.

I hope you enjoy the upgrades and feel free to drop me a message, any feedback is welcome. You can reach me via the contact page.

Remember to become a Dead End Friend by joining my mailing list to get priority access to new editions…

As ever, thanks for your continued support// HEKStyle.

LTWBU Sneakertoon

HEKStyle x Sneakertoons

Posted in: Notes on June 3, 2016

On the back of a successful collaboration last year I teamed up with Steve again, the man behind the well known Sneakertoons. This time I asked him to work his style on the latest HEKStyle Edition – the LTWBU Air Max 1.

His work always impresses with his attention to the finer details and the fun behind his sneakertoon style.

Check out more of his work at Sneakertoons and you can follow his work on instagram @piantoni7 



Toon Dip

Posted in: Notes on June 3, 2016

The first collaboration between HEKStyle and Sneakertoons was in 2015. Steve sent me one of his Asics toons to work with. Roger rabbit and the Toon Dip from the film instantly came to mind and so I re created the look from one of my earlier illustrations, Ordinary Treads are Dead and took the toon down to the bone.

There are still a few signed prints of this one on the studio shelves. Drop me a message if you would like one for your collection.



Leaving the winter behind us, art print.

Posted in: Notes on June 3, 2016

Inspired by one of my favourite songs, No Quarter by Led Zeppelin.

– the snow drives back the foot that’s slow.

Printed by the good folk at Jealous, you can get your limited edition from my shop.


LTWBU Nike Air Max 1

Posted in: Notes on June 3, 2016

The latest HEKStyle edition, Leaving the winter behind us. 

Featuring colours and patterns from the original illustration. Hand painted on a Nike iD base shoe which is made up from a mix of leather, mesh and suede. Finished with a crisp ice sole.

This is a 1 of 1 edition in a size UK8.


Fruits of your labor, new print edition.

Posted in: Notes on June 3, 2016

I started the, ‘fruits of your labor’ series a while ago now with the Decompose, Overripe and Pulp illustrations. It’s a series I’ve left open and will continue to add new pieces as I go. The latest piece is titled, ‘Stale’ and is available in my shop… limited numbers.

About the series:

“Without work or an action being taken, there can be no result or reward.
Even the smallest action can reap great rewards,
but to be idle and do nothing results in nothing or very little.”

The illustrations represent the hardships and effort of a journey and also the decay of standing around doing nothing. Which one depends on the viewer.

Nothing comes easy. 


– lacking originality or spontaneity
– ineffective or uninspired, usually from being out of practice or from having done the same thing for too long
– having lost its effectiveness or force, as by failure to act or by the lapse of time
– having lost interest, initiative, or the like, as from overwork or boredom


New Custom Edition

Posted in: Notes on June 3, 2016

Along with my own releases I occasionally work with clients on a made to order edition.  This is the latest custom pair.

I was free to come up with a design based around the guide that the Nike AM1’s be a mix of materials, predominantly grey and then feature my own signature style in a mix of colours.

As I usually do, I started with a Nike iD base shoe and went from there. The arrival of my first baby mid way through meant that my client had to wait a couple of weeks longer than usual but they were very patient and loved their HEKStyle edition.

If you are interested in making an enquiry for your own pair please check out the info here.

Awol – Syer ep.

Posted in: Notes on June 16, 2015



After a lengthy hiatus my brother, music producer and mic man Syer is back with his new ep, ‘AWOL’.

I was asked to create the art work for the release and the idea of a busted mic was the first thing that came to mind. Rather than jumping in I did put forward a few other ideas but we ended up running with that… which I was happy about.


On top of the album art I was also asked to create a logo for Syer to use as his branding going forward. Growing up along side his signature sounds I was able to come up with something that tied in.

You can get yourself a copy of the ep on iTunes. My favourite track from the release is ‘Be Concerned’.

Bestreet Bootleg Bart creative contest.

Posted in: Notes on June 16, 2015

Eye Caramba!Bestreet, the urban culture magazine recently held a creative contest celebrating the Bootleg Bart phenomenon. It was a wicked chance to use my style on a classic cartoon and I really enjoyed the process. I remember my Granddad Ben, coming round on Saturdays with his Sky box card just so me and my brothers could watch The Simpsons when we were kids.

Here you can view some process shots of my piece titled, ‘eye caramba!’… you’ll notice the basic sketch is just a quick scribble loosely plotting out my initial idea. I get tidy in the digital phase and go on to add things like the extra foliage. You can see in those versions, the scribble where I’m plotting wether to include and foliage in the foreground.

Different ideas than the ones I had at the sketch stage come to me when I’m drawing up a piece. While I don’t like to veer too far from my original idea, I think it’s good to go with some instincts. Finer details like the ‘dot’ of the eye ball changed a couple of times from a solid circle, a ring and finally to a cross. In the end I keep it loose and go with what feels right. Overall I was pleased with the out come, even though I didn’t place in the final stages of the contest…

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 15.43.16





Posted in: Notes on June 15, 2015



Some time ago I customised a pair of Nike Air Max 1’s for a client in Manchester. Later on I was told they had been lost during a house move… The illustration titled, ‘Canal’ is the outcome of where my mind imagined them, or at least one of the pair to be… Floating in a canal of the north.

Picture by: Syman




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